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maandag 11 juli 2016

Legowelt Dekmantel Podcast

Lots of future Nightwind tracks in this podcast for Dekmantel


Waldorf blofeld & Pulse improvisation + movie sample
Osiris Hair Salon - My Life In A Bush Of Spaceweed Ambient Drugoverlord version
Chick Corea Return 2 Forever - Medieval Overture Loop in Sampler + Synths
Eek-A-Mouse - Noahs Ark + Waldorf Pulse2
Meredith Monk - Turtle Dreams Loop + Waldorf Pulse2
Satomi Taniyama - Witchcraft Enters The West
Biosphere - Cloudwalker II
Legowelt - Hobbit Shelter
Hybrid Palms - Pacific Image
Fred Whackenhut - Orianna Twilight
 Occult Oriented Crime - Just A Clown A Crack
AKAI AX23 freakout + Movie samples
Phochos - Motion Of The Water Edge
Satomi Taniyama - Station At The Garden of Eden
Hotel Forum Soundtrack
Chosen Brothers - March Down Babylon
Trilondo - Trilondo Waves III

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