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maandag 20 juni 2016

Jackmaster Curt - Its'a Mans World Smackos Remix

This is an unauthorized remix of "Jackmaster Curt's -Its a man's world", a very early (1987!) and extremely super rare brilliant chicago house record on the obscure Jiszack Master Records.

Not much is known about Jackmaster Curt except that his name was Curtis East and he made another record as Jackmaster Curt called " Real Fresh House" which is a littlebit better known as the Man's World record and is considered a genuine acid classic.

I used to play this remix in my live shows a lot around 2010. Its basicly some sampled loops from the original record manually layered with some Boss DR660 rhythms (check those ultra fuzzy electro-toms!). The bassline is the Roland JX3P played with its supercool internal sequencer (getting sync from a trigger signal from a MIDI synced TR707)

It all barely keeps in sync, sounding like it is held together with some cellotape and paperclips...
creating a strange hypnotic and sensual groove that you just can't refuse.

The lyrics are of a meditative mantra quality:

When A Man Sais Move - U Move
When A Man Sais Groove - U Groove
When A Man Sais Shout - U Shout
And When A Man Sais House U House!!!

Download MP3  (13.5 MegaBytezzz)

Download WAV (59.5 MegaBytezzz)

dinsdag 14 juni 2016

Out Now: UFOCUS - Guidance For The Puzzled NW009

A new Nightwind Records release!

Nightwind Records NW009

available on double LP vinyl with full color artwork
and digital on bandcamp

Cassettes and CD versions are coming later this year due some problems at the Nightwind cassette duplication factory (all Nightwind cassettes and CDs are artisan handmade at the North Sea Institute For The Overmind...almost organic)

Get the digital version here on bandcamp
The Vinyl double LP version is available at recordstores worldwide, distributed by CLONE 

Meanwhile check out this small promotional movie:

zaterdag 11 juni 2016

The Zouk Machine - A Pa Je (Smackos Remix)

A smackos remix of the very famous French/Guadeloupian ZOuk MachInE from around 2010.
The original song is from their 1986 album "Back Ground Experience 7", I added an extra bassline, a smudgy lo-fi beatbox rhythm, phasers and some other stuff.
I remember IF & James Holden would play this in their sets around that time.

Download MP3 (4.7 MegaBytezzz)

vrijdag 10 juni 2016

Seaside House Boyz - All Over The World

A wavering deep house track from the Seaside Houz Boyz. Recorded somewhere around 2010 on an Yamaha RM1X, which in my opinion is one of the greatest hardware sequencers ever build. It also has a really crappy but very usefull rompler synth build in which I think is based on the Yamaha CS1X synthesizer. I think there was a loose broken cable somewhere in the process of recording this track, that would explain the extreme amounts of paranoid noise.

Download WAV (79.2 MB)
Download MP3  (18.0 MB)

donderdag 9 juni 2016

3.2.6. - Just Like Heaven Smackos Remix

An unauthorized remix/edit of one of my favorite Chicago deephouse tracks:
3.2.6 - Just Like Heaven.
The original was released in 1991 on Dancemania records, produced by Dion Williams.
There was another 3.2.6. record on Muzique records a few years earlier that only had a Mike Dunn remix of this track, so the original tracks must have been recorded way before 1991.

I made this remix on a cold grim winter night in New York around January 2012. I just looped the main riff making it more hypnotic adding some para-psycho EQ over it, added the shy 808 beat, some strings, new vocals and that was about it.

The video was made with the artwork of shaman painter Pablo Amaringo. The recordplayer shots were shot in A1 Records when Ron Morelli still used to work there.

326 was the adress of the legendary Music Box club in Chicago , 326 North Lower Wacker driver to be precise.

Download MP3 (14.5 MB)
Download WAV (63.9 MB)

woensdag 8 juni 2016

ALF Theme Acid Version

This one is from 2010, when I made a raw smudgy version of the ALF theme tune using Reason 4. It was recorded on a cassettetape using a 25$ Behringer soundcard.

Here we see ALF before an AMIGA 2000 workstation circa 1988.

zondag 5 juni 2016

Smackos & Voltagio Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Mix

An ambient-spacetrip-meditative-recreational drug use-relaxation DJ mix by Smackos and Jimi Voltagio. This mix was made around Christmas 2015 as a promotion/background reading music for the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine. You can read the cyberzine here.


The Future - Cairo
Nomad Ninja - Wild Strawberries
Voltagio - Jupiter 8 pad
Meredith Monk - Travel Song
J.D. Emmanuel - Infinity
Mixtur Trautonium Test
Pauline Anna Strom - Trans Millenium Consort
Rain Shadow Desert 
Autechre - Nine
Constance Demby - At Alaron
Nomad Ninja - Waldorf Plant Psychiatrist
Occult Orientated Crime - Japanese Trains
Smackos - Yamaha CS30 RPG Folkjazz
Mindsearch's Revenge - Ordovicium
Unknown Nightwind
Satomi Tamiyama - Shimane Dreams, Foxes and Secret Squirrels.
Phochos - Frimaire
Isao Tomita - Footprints In The Snow
Voltagio - Casio CK500 demonstration 
The Future - Last Man On Earth
David Toop Max Eastly - Buried Dreams