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maandag 20 juni 2016

Jackmaster Curt - Its'a Mans World Smackos Remix

This is an unauthorized remix of "Jackmaster Curt's -Its a man's world", a very early (1987!) and extremely super rare brilliant chicago house record on the obscure Jiszack Master Records.

Not much is known about Jackmaster Curt except that his name was Curtis East and he made another record as Jackmaster Curt called " Real Fresh House" which is a littlebit better known as the Man's World record and is considered a genuine acid classic.

I used to play this remix in my live shows a lot around 2010. Its basicly some sampled loops from the original record manually layered with some Boss DR660 rhythms (check those ultra fuzzy electro-toms!). The bassline is the Roland JX3P played with its supercool internal sequencer (getting sync from a trigger signal from a MIDI synced TR707)

It all barely keeps in sync, sounding like it is held together with some cellotape and paperclips...
creating a strange hypnotic and sensual groove that you just can't refuse.

The lyrics are of a meditative mantra quality:

When A Man Sais Move - U Move
When A Man Sais Groove - U Groove
When A Man Sais Shout - U Shout
And When A Man Sais House U House!!!

Download MP3  (13.5 MegaBytezzz)

Download WAV (59.5 MegaBytezzz)

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