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zondag 5 juni 2016

Smackos & Voltagio Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Mix

An ambient-spacetrip-meditative-recreational drug use-relaxation DJ mix by Smackos and Jimi Voltagio. This mix was made around Christmas 2015 as a promotion/background reading music for the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine. You can read the cyberzine here.


The Future - Cairo
Nomad Ninja - Wild Strawberries
Voltagio - Jupiter 8 pad
Meredith Monk - Travel Song
J.D. Emmanuel - Infinity
Mixtur Trautonium Test
Pauline Anna Strom - Trans Millenium Consort
Rain Shadow Desert 
Autechre - Nine
Constance Demby - At Alaron
Nomad Ninja - Waldorf Plant Psychiatrist
Occult Orientated Crime - Japanese Trains
Smackos - Yamaha CS30 RPG Folkjazz
Mindsearch's Revenge - Ordovicium
Unknown Nightwind
Satomi Tamiyama - Shimane Dreams, Foxes and Secret Squirrels.
Phochos - Frimaire
Isao Tomita - Footprints In The Snow
Voltagio - Casio CK500 demonstration 
The Future - Last Man On Earth
David Toop Max Eastly - Buried Dreams

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