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donderdag 9 juni 2016

3.2.6. - Just Like Heaven Smackos Remix

An unauthorized remix/edit of one of my favorite Chicago deephouse tracks:
3.2.6 - Just Like Heaven.
The original was released in 1991 on Dancemania records, produced by Dion Williams.
There was another 3.2.6. record on Muzique records a few years earlier that only had a Mike Dunn remix of this track, so the original tracks must have been recorded way before 1991.

I made this remix on a cold grim winter night in New York around January 2012. I just looped the main riff making it more hypnotic adding some para-psycho EQ over it, added the shy 808 beat, some strings, new vocals and that was about it.

The video was made with the artwork of shaman painter Pablo Amaringo. The recordplayer shots were shot in A1 Records when Ron Morelli still used to work there.

326 was the adress of the legendary Music Box club in Chicago , 326 North Lower Wacker driver to be precise.

Download MP3 (14.5 MB)
Download WAV (63.9 MB)

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