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woensdag 18 januari 2017

Smackos - A Vampire Goes West NW011

Out 24 of January a new Nightwind Records release, NW011 SMACKOS'A Vampire Goes West'
Check out the infomercial Trailer below & snippets on the Nightwind Records releases website
It will be available on bandcamp digital, CD and Cassette. The cassette version has 2 different tracks due to tape length issues but you get extra smudgey magnetic sound for that instead! (and the ASCII art zinemap and "multifunctional refrigerator gummy dome sticker" comes on satyr red cassette in library grey jewel case)
There is also a 'quest' attached to this release, as all versions come with an ASCII art treasure map and a cryptological code to crack. Once you have solved the code you will be able to pick up on some clues which you can use on the map to find a secret password. With this you can win some yet undisclosed prizes.

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